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CCP understands that the use of electronic health transactions is of great value to the provider community. CCP, along with partner exchange of strategic information Availity, are working together to promote the adoption and use of electronic transactions in health care, including transactions complaint and notice of electronic payment, so your organization can make better available savings.

If you are currently filing claims in writing to CCP or use of a clearing house that may or may not not submit claims electronically to the clearing house CCP, you have several options available to you that will allow you to send electronic claims and start save time and money today!

CCP and Availity have partnered to offer free claim and notification options electronic payment (ERA). We are delighted to offer a choice of direct data entry free claim and improved effectiveness portal for use. This option allows suppliers to conduct business with CCP by the following methods. These are fully sponsored by CCP, at no cost to you:

  • Enter claims, receive effectiveness, and exchange other electronic transactions using a browser-based application over the Internet.
  • Directly transmit transactions HIPAA ANSI through a secure direct connection.
  • If you are currently registered with Availity, click here to access the portal Availity CCP.
  • If you are not currently registered with Availity, click here to register to use the Availity Portal CCP.
  • For help with registration in the Availity website, please click here to access a training video on demand.
  • For more information on these options, visit or contact Availity at 1-800-282-4548 . We know you will enjoy the products and industry leading services that add value to your organization!

Paper claims that require attachments or pretend appeals should be mailed to CCP Employee Plans Claims Department, PO Box 849029, Pembroke Pines, FL 33084. claim appeals must be submitted in the  Request for Reconsideration CCP along with a copy of the claim form.

All questions regarding payment claims may be directed to the Customer Service Department of the CCP by calling 1-866-899-4828 .

Third Party Liability - It is the responsibility of the supplier to inform CCP if the enrollee has coverage in addition to coverage of CCP.