Member Services

24-hour Nurse Helpline

$0.00 Copay

  • PCP visits
  • Sports/School Physicals
  • Medical and Dental Transportation
  • Medically-related Lodging
  • Hypoallergenic Bedding
  • Provider House Calls
  • Diagnostic Testing Services,
    i.e. Laboratory and Radiology Inpatient
    Hospital Stays
  • Maternity and Newborn Care Services
  • Family Planning Services
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health Services
  • Inpatient Substance Abuse Disorder
  • Nursing Facility Services
  • Inpatient Hospice Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment and
    Prosthetic Devices
  • Organ Transplant services

Reduced Copays for all other services


  • Specialist, Chiropractic and Podiatric Visits
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision Specialist Visits
  • Behavioral Health Office Visits
  • Substance Use Disorder Visits
  • Short-term Rehabilitation and
    Respiratory Therapy Services
  • Home Health and Hospice Visits


  • Unauthorized ER Visits
  • ER Transportation
  • Corrective Vision Lenses

CVS Retail/Online Discount Card

20% for CVS brand over-the-counter, health-related items

Health Risk Incentive (one-time)

$25 gift card if completed with 30 days of enrollment

$20 gift card if completed with 60 days of enrollment

$15 gift card if completed with 90 days of enrollment

Healthy Behavior Coaching

Tobacco/Nicotine Cessation

Substance abuse disorder

Weight Management/Nutritional Counseling

Obesity Program

"Food, Fun and Fit" Workshops

Water Safety Classes

"Swim, Seconds, and Safety" Classes


Each CCP member will receive from CCP an identification card. This card is used to help identify the member of his/her eligibility in the CCP plan. Please note, sole possession of an identification card does not guarantee current CCP eligibility. The provider must verify eligibility by using CCP Provider Web Portal or by calling Member Services. Members are asked to carry this card at all times.

Sample Community Care Plan – Florida Healthy Kids Member ID Card

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For detailed information, always refer to the Provider Manual.